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Autistic Theology: There may be a problem

I have been asked why having Asperger’s makes being Christian difficult and why 90% of adults with AS are non-religious. This is the best way I can describe it.

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TOPICS Watching for Signs of Psychosis in Teens Catching kids early and supporting them before they’re in crisis can delay onset and reduce impairment

There are fewer more frightening or challenging psychiatric conditions for a family to face than psychosis, an extreme mental state in which impaired thinking and emotions cause a person to lose contact with reality. This could mean hearing or seeing … Continue reading

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Why are so many mentally ill people imprisoned in Pennsylvania?

There’s a grim joke among correctional officers across Pennsylvania: Prisons are no longer lock-ups for America’s worst offenders; they’re asylums for the mentally ill. Over the past 50 years, other wealthy nations closed many of their psychiatric hospitals but, as far … Continue reading

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Holmes will join many other mentally ill inmates in prison

The incarceration of mentally ill inmates in jails and prisons has been a persistent national problem since the widespread closure of mental hospitals in the 1970s. The promised local community care system to handle the newly released mentally ill never … Continue reading

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