Mental Health Awareness Month dispels stigmas surrounding disorders

“One of the myths we try to break down during this month is that if you have a mental illness that it’s an automatically disabling condition. Just because you have a mental illness or somebody in your family has a mental illness does not mean you’re on a path to disability. There’s treatment available for all forms of mental health conditions,” Hannon said.

Dr. Katherine C. Nordal, a psychologist and executive director for professional practice for the American Psychological Association, said in an APA interview that awareness of mental health issues has definitely improved in recent decades.

“When I entered practice more than 30 years ago, individuals in my semi-rural community would often travel 40 to 50 miles to get treatment because they did not want anyone to know they were seeing a therapist,” Nordal said. “We have taken great strides since then as more people talk about mental health publicly and as we see more positive depictions of mental health in popular culture.”

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