20 Signs Someone Is On The Road to Becoming a Hoarder

Nearly everyone has seen the TV Show Hoarders and wondered, “how did they get this way?” Most young people would never have imagined themselves growing up to become a hoarder. But after years of tough times in their lives, they find themselves in a situation where they can hardly walk through their own house without tripping over the things they own. Once you become a full-blown hoarder, it is far more difficult to break through to someone and help them live a more normal life.

Years ago, people hoarded because they survived the Great Depression. Today, Millennials have lived through the Great Recession. While our problems may not be the same as everyone who lived in the 1930s, we still have a lot of the same anxieties that our ancestors did. And this can lead us to wanting to hold onto things out of fear that we may need them someday. Here are some of the most common signs that your behavior and lifestyle might eventually lead to you becoming a hoarder when you get older.

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